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Review: Dungeons & Dragons – The Chapel on the Cliffs

It’s been fifty years since the curse struck Kennmouth. Since then, few have dared brave the dangers of the abandoned village, but even fewer came back in one piece. Will you be the heroes who finally rid Kennmouth of its denizens?

The Chapel on the Cliffs by Goblin Stone is a lightly themed horror adventure or a group of 4-5 characters of 3rd level and will provide 6 and 10 hours of entertaining gameplay.

This thirty-five page adventure is outstanding. The adventure is clear in what is sets out to do and players will have no ambiguity as to what they can do – but neither is it forceful in the way it presents this. Those looking to produce their own 5e content are recommended to read this product to learn how to present an adventure to a modern mainstream audience.

What makes the adventure unique (provided the PCs don’t die – a real possibility) is there are a number of ways for players to both approach and conclude the adventure. The potential to have the adventure to end in multiple ways is important as is trains the Dungeon Masters to understand the joy of having an adventure not going quite the way they planned – and happiness this creates.

In my own running of the game the player characters were almost killed outright twice before defeating the horror within. The first time they were saved by the light cleric channel divinity special ability, and the second by the fighter making a reckless gambit. It is rare for an adventure to create moments of extreme tension followed by either finality through death or sweet survival.

As Kennmouth village is presented as a small sandbox a Dungeon Master can quickly and easily drop their own creative ideas to extend or modify the adventure.

The adventure’s appendix also includes useful information to assist with the running of Sieges and Chases both of which are possibilities.

Layout, artwork and cartography is first class and a benchmark as to what a premium adventure product is. If you intend to be putting product on Kickstarter this adventure sets of the benchmark against which other adventures should be compared.

Virtual Table Top players are supported with a separate pack of VTT suitable tokens and maps.

Rules support is provided for scaling the adventure from Average Party Level 2 to 6.

Originally sold as a Kickstarter Project the adventure is now available in Print and Electronic Format on DrivThruRPG should you wish to purchase a copy.




An excellent low level sandbox which provides ample opportunity for players and Dungeons Masters to carve their own story. This adventure is highly recommended for people who wish to learn how to design and present an adventure for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons.