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Joe Manganiello purchases bigger mansion to play Dungeons and Dragons

Joe Manganiello, popular actor and avoid advocate for the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons has splashed out at least USD$26 million for a Tuscan styled abode in the desirable gated community of Beverly Park in the mountains above Beverly Hills.

Rumor has it that Joe’s current home doesn’t have sufficient space for his gaming group and the prerequisite terrain, miniatures, 3D printers, custom gaming table and the snack and beverage machines necessary to “geek out” to an A-list role-playing game standard.

There are a couple of other theories for the purchase:

  1. Joe needed to move into a gated community as too many people were trying to gate-crash his Dungeons and Dragons sessions.
  2. His wife, fellow actor SofĂ­a Vergara decided she really did want the space for the Pilates studio which Joe had described he had talked (begged) her out of so he had a space to play his beloved Dungeons and Dragons in.
Joe Manganiello in his old Dungeon

We have our money on at least one bay of the new homes four car garage being converted to store fantasy terrain from master crafters Dwarvern Forge and the basement firmly becoming Joe’s newest dungeon domain .

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