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Review: Everlasting Wet Palette Painter

I’m not a very good painter. I’ve made all the common mistakes: applying paint too thickly which makes your miniatures gloopy looking and without detail, applying paint too thinly and watching as liquid mess pools at my awesome characters feet. I watched all the Youtube videos on how to get you paint mix just right and I could never get paint to the consistency that really worked for me.

So I built my own wet palette using a plastic container and some baking paper. This worked – sort-of but then I saw the Everlasting Wet Palette made by French gaming company Red Grass Games and I thought maybe – just maybe I would give it a go even tho it meant shipping it from one side of the planet to the other. Now that I have tried it – I am very glad I did.

Red Grass Gaming’s wet palette comes in two sizes (Painter and Studio XL). I purchased the smaller Painter size and its perfectly adequate in size for the average hobby painter.

The package arrived neat and tidy. Inside was the orange and grey slim palette with rounded corners and the small white magnetized tray they call the wavy into which washes and inks can be placed. Accompanying the plastic hardware was a 50 sheet pack of water absorbent paper – which is both like and not like baking paper, and two foam inserts which would soak up the water and help to make perfect paint.

In a snap it was ready and I put in the first drop of my preferred Vallejo paint. To my delight the paint absorbed the water and I had my first experience of perfectly thinned paint from which I could never go back. The gasket seal worked as intended as I was able to put the palette into the fridge and continue to use the thinned paint the next day.

To say that this palette is essential is an understatement – it is as important as a brush with a nice tip.

The gear is easily cleaned and I would think last many years before you needed to purchase a replacement foam insert (available from Red Grass Gaming).

The only problem I had is one of the magnets in the wavy fell out – it was an easy fix with a dab of glue but it perhaps indicates a little additional quality control is required – but to be honest they will have to pry this palette out of my cold dead painter hands – I ain’t giving it up.


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As essential as a brush for the minature hobby painter.
As essential as a brush for the minature hobby painter.Review: Everlasting Wet Palette Painter