Saturday, December 10, 2022
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5 Reasons why you should DM Naked…

Yes that right – I Dungeon Master in the nude and you should too. Here’s why your DMing style and table should be run nude:

1. You owe your players the truth! Don’t fudge the dice rolls! If your players realise they are playing a character that isn’t at risk of imaginary death or unintended consequence at your table then your players won’t experience the highs (when the character gets out of a tight scrape) or lows (death or loss). The tension of possible unknown consequence or success is what makes roll playing games fun to play.

2. Be transparent about the rules and expectations. Being a Dungeon Master, or a player taking on an imaginary role is not an opportunity for a practice run at dictatorship. Collectively agree beforehand on the style of game to be played and the rules around it. You won’t think of everything to discuss but if you have already started having good conversations as a group then you already have the framework in place to resolve problems as a mature group.

Magic allows anyone to become a Peeping Tom

3. Deal with the issues at the table. The vast majority of gamers get along but if you play with enough people you will come across someone or someone’s playstyle you do not enjoy or takes away from the experience of others. In such situations it doesn’t help to hide behind the veneer of acceptability. Being rude and insensitive about the issue won’t make the situation better – be honest and upfront – in most cases what has transpired wasn’t intended, apologies will be offered and accepted and everyone will more on. If it this doesn’t happen then you need to make a decision about who stays and who goes. Don’t feel too bad about it – all parties will eventually find people they will resonate and be happy playing with.

This is what happens to your players if you take a little too much off.

4. Be responsive to player ideas. You have a campaign full of ideas and then the players come up with another and its better than yours – use it! One of the reasons why England established the world’s largest empire was in-part (history has no absolutes) because the English were masters of drawing ideas and resources from others and using them to their advantage. The English language and culture is filled with words (dungeon – from the word don-jon: French origin) and products from other cultures: the potato (South America), gunpowder (China), silk (China), chocolate (Amazon Basin), spices (Indonesia), and architecture (take you pick). Taking the ideas and incorporating it into your story will improve your campaign.

5. You are playing a virtual table top game with no cameras. If you play Dungeons and Dragons using a virtual table top and don’t use cameras then not wearing clothes while you run a game is perfectly okay without asking if others mind. Depending on your age and physical condition – looking down will either inspire you or fill you with terror and fear – emotions that you can then use to invigorate your adventure ideas and roleplaying.