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How Technology is Making Game Masters Better…

Technology has the power to enable Game Masters be more efficient and run better games.

The benefits of introducing technology into your role playing game life are:

  • Increased accessibility to games and a more diverse player base as you can access Players and Gamemaster from across the globe
  • More efficient game preparation
  • Better organisation during the game
  • Automation of game mechanics during sessions enables more focus on the story and role-playing relationships between characters, as Players spend less time managing game mechanics.

Technology has its drawbacks. There is the inevitable learning curve and the requirement for sufficient disposable income to be able to afford the hardware software in the first place. But once these are overcome the benefits are significant.

“People aRE now more malleable”

The power and use of virtual table tops (VTTs) in the role playing game space will likely accelerate because of the impact of the pandemic as people are now more malleable to change. It doesn’t take long for a marooned person to realise that online gaming and using a VTTs provide the only opportunity to meet and play with liked minded people. Once a person has experienced a VTT reducing the effort to manage the mechanics of the game there is a strong chance it will become a permanent habit.

The VTT space is booming with several new platforms and and acceleration in software development with light of sight technologies for VTTs being advanced in late 2020/21.

Perhaps the most interesting technological development ahead is the virtual game Board system development underway is by Tilt Five which has been funded by Kickstarter to manufacturer a 3D holographic role playing board game experience – with each player able to sit in their own home and look in real time as the same map. Notably Tilt Five have an in principal agreement with VTT Fantasy Grounds to bring this to life. This is not a new space with Tabletop Simulator already in existence but it will be a more tactile experience.

Tilt Five\5 3D Holographic Gameboard – this may one day replace the whiteboard battle map.

If successful a holographic gameboard may well herald the demise in the 2D game map, with 3D mapping tool such Flowscape or Dungeon Alchemist becoming the mapping tool of choice for Game Masters.

Looking outside the niche of companies creating products for role playing games future maps for holographic game might be sourced from games with Star Citizen’s planet creation technology is a wonderful example of a 3D game engine which could be repurposed to map 2D or 3D maps for role playing games (lets hope so as many people in Star Citizens Los Angeles office play D&D).

The potential of 3D gaming tables has already been recognised with Heroforge and Tabletop Simulator already in a partnership to cater for this anticipated growing market

Heroforge allows you to create custom 3D models for use in other software

Grognard or not the future is coming!