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The most Expensive Christmas and Birthday Gift Ideas for Dungeons and Dragons Players

Everyone loves a bargain and while Black Friday to Cyber Monday shopping period opens wallets and purposes for those looking for a bargain some people are looking for that special something that is a little more unobtainable or special for the role-player in their lives.

So if you have deep wallets, or a generous heart and a smaller wallet here is our list of the most expensive Christmas and birthday gift ideas we could find. Unlike many other lists none of the ideas are sponsored and there are no affiliate links – enjoy.

Rode VideoMic NTG (USD$249)

2020 and COVID19 makes this the year of the digital Dungeon Master and Player which means virtual gaming sessions and a need for great video and audio quality.

Rode VideoMic NTG

While the Sure SM7B condensor microphone is very commonly seen and a good deal more expensive it has two flaws. One it dominates the view of your face if you are video streaming and using it correctly and secondly its more complex to set up. The Rode VideoMic NTG connects via a USB connection and you can also use it on the road attached to your camera. It also has an optional outdoor housing so you can play outside in the rain or snow if you so wish.

Austrian Audio Hi-X55 Over-Ear, Closed-Back Headphones (USD $329)

Designed by a new audio company Austrian Audio which is staffed by former employees of well known AKG the Hi-X55 headphones stand out due to being engineered for music perfection. Shunning 50mm drivers for 44mm as they worked out that bigger is not always better, this foldable, and cord replaceable headphone set will provide you with a premium listening experience whether you want to play a game, listen to podcasts, or indulge in music.

Hi-X55 Headphones

Hindenburg Journalist Pro (USD$375)

So the person you are looking for wants to turn their gaming group into Podcasting Rockstars then you should pickup a copy of Hindenburg Journalist Pro which is specifically designed for podcasting and radio production to tell stories. Available for PC and Mac it provides a simple yet powerful interface to record, edit and publish.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far and you don’t plan to record more than one person or source at a time or plan to record using a different device then you purchase Hindenburg Journalist for much less.

Hindenburg Journalist Pro

Perfect Pencil Magnum (USD $395)

Manufactured by Graf Von Faber-Castell the perfect pencil is available in 7mm and 10mm diameter and is perfect for writing and sketching. Thanks to the characteristic fluting shape it is pleasing to hold and offers supreme writing comfort. A 4B lead provides a pleasantly soft writing experience when you have to tick the final box for your last failed death save.

Perfect Pencil Magnum by Graf Von Faber-Castell

The pencil comes with either a platinum-plated, or rose-gold end cap which includes both an integrated sharpener and eraser ensuring you have everything you need in one place.

A brown / black version also exists for the chaotic evil player for USD$450.

For those of you without the USD$395 you can purchase a 3 set of replacement pencils for a mere USD $29.

100 micron 4d6 Dice (USD $800 per die)

These mind bogglingly small brass six sided die by Japanese firm Iriso Seiumitsu each take 9 hours to manufacture weigh 0.00016grams and 20,000 would fit into a 1cm cube.

The 100 micron sized die (under the microscope)

A set of 4 to roll up your perfect character would set you back USD$2,400 and you will never find them should you roll them off the edge of the table.

For those of you concerned about unbiased dice they manufacturer regular sized d6 dice the call the Perfect Dice with an accuracy tolerance of 99.99999999%.

DM’s Flight Chair – MFC-1 Blackbird (USD$815)

A new product to market made by gaming controller company Monster Tech the MFC – 1 is designed for flight simulators and space games like Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous.

Unlike gamer chairs which are modelled off road seats this chair is high backed and tapered from the shoulders down which allows Dungeon Masters and Players the ability to move their shoulders about with complete freedom and comfort which makes for a better show when when streaming yourself online.

its worth noting that as the chair has been properly designed for your back like an office chair it doesn’t need the pads and cushion on gaming chairs. All the height and lean adjustments you need are here.

MFC-1 Blackbird

Each chair is made by hand, exclusively from parts from Germany and the EU. The fabric is a new breathable and water-vapor-permeable synthetic leather made of vinyl and polyurethane which provides both surface softness and durability

Samsung G9 49″ QLED Gaming Monitor (USD$1479)

With so much Dungeons and Dragons being played virtually using Fantasy Grounds and other virtual table top system a huge, fast and vibrant gaming monitor that allows the Dungeon Master or Player to have all their resources (VTT, Syrinscape and Communication client) in their field of view.

Samsung 49″ G9

Samsung’s 49″ G9 QLED Gaming Monitor is a CR20 gaming beast and providing you have a large enough desk its of artefact status.

The Prophecy Gaming Table (USD$10,000+)

Made by the uncompromising wood working company Wyrmwood Gaming. The Prophecy contains all the bells and whistles. Designed to accommodate 6-10, packed with features and built to last a lifetime. Wrymwood Gaming believe it to be the finest gaming table ever made.

Wrymwood make this table available for USD$5,000 but we doubt any serious gift giver would spend so little as the table at this price point is missing the components that really make it shine including topper, cup holders, and more exotic wood options. You can get to $20,000 no problem.