Friday, February 3, 2023
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The Best 5e Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet

There are a vast arrange of character sheets available including the ones produced by Wizards of the Coast which can be downloaded for free.

The best 5e character sheet for use at the gaming table is the one designed by William Lu whose masterpiece is available for free from his Art Station page.

While the simple clear design is very nice what distinguishes this character sheet from others is that it helps you build your character at first level, a feature useful to any player.

William makes the character sheets available in both printable and editable PDF format. This is very helpful for those of us that burn through our character sheets with an eraser over time as hit points go up and down.

Dungeon Masters are also catered for with William producing a simple and clear monster template for you to write down key statistics (very handy for NPCs)

We highly recommend you take a look.