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Review: Warlock Magazine

Warlock Magazine is a monthly black and white 5e focused magazine by Kobold Press which is focused on their campaign world of Midgard which is is a subscription magazine run through Patreon.

A mere USD$3 per month is the minimum fee to access two magazine publications per month in PDF format. Higher amounts entitles you to hardcopies of the magazine. At the time of review there were 734 patrons supporting the magazine.

One publication you will receive each month contains one or two lairs which are short adventures. Each will provide 3-6 hours of adventure depending on your game group’s play style.

The second publication contains Midgard focused lore which is developed but may never have a place in the more official Kobold Press hardcover print schedule. Material varies with each edition and can includes new locations and lore, magical items, new spells, monsters, character options.

Each magazine is approximately 30 pages in length. Two magazine makes it 60 pages per month of content.

Patreon awards come in the form of redeemable coupon codes for the Kobold Press webstore which means you won’t lose access to content you have been given access too if you stop subscribing to Patreon.

The quality of writing and art (all black and white) is first rate – Warlock is not treated as a secondary side project by Kobold Press. Authors – designers who have contributed to the magazine include: David “Zeb: Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Celeste Conowitch, Dan Dillon and Robert Schwalb.

Maps are sourced from Dysons Logos which is a sensible decision as cartography is artwork – and artwork is expensive. It is an excellent example of how a map produced independently can be utilised to create fun filled and inspiring adventures by a creative designer.

Who is Warlock Magazine for?

Warlock Magazine is designed primarily for Dungeons Masters and Players who are looking for additional lore, spells, and class features. The material is based upon Midgard but its all malleable to homebrew or wherever you wish to use it with basically zero effort.

Kobold Press does a particularly good at developing materials for cultures and classes that will provide you a very different perspective from the vision in official Dungeons and Dragons lore.

Joining the Patreon even for a single month to see if it is right for you is well worth it as Kobold Press allow you free access to codes to download material that was published about four months ago. Your $3 monthly subscription goes a long way.

Prospective Authors and Cartographers

Wolfgang Baur the publisher / owner of Kobold Press has said that he is interested in new authors and designers – if you are keen to produce quality material and can meet a deadline and aren’t keen on going it alone or through the DMsGuild process then Warlock Magazine this could be an alternate pathway to publication.




Warlock is a monthly black and white magazine subscription to additional locations and lore, magical items, new spells, monsters, character options for Kobold Presses Midgard campaign setting but you can use the content anywhere. The material within is produced to a high standard and at $3 per month is excellent value for a Dungeon Master or Player.