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Resources for Mindflayers – Illithids

Created during the early years of Dungeons and Dragons and inspired by science fiction the mindflayer (also know as the illithid) is now one of the most iconic monsters of Dungeons and Dragons. These former lords of the multi-verse now hidden have a plethora of information available to state the lore hungry Dungeons Master or Player.

The blog The Monsters Know What They’re Doing has a post which outlines the tactics these creatures would likely use in a combat encounter.


Mindflayers – including Elder Brains
Mindflayer Lore with Chris Perkins from Wizards of the Coast
Wed DM: Mind Flayer
AJ Pickett – Deep Dive into Law
MrRhexx – Mindflayer Lore


Mindflayers require a host to come into existence. A mindflayer tadpole is placed into a host’s brain usually via the eye. When ready the tadpole takes over the form of the host and becomes a mindflayer the process of which is shown in this trailer for the Baldur’s Gate 3 game trailer.

Mindflayer ceramoorphsis – Baldur’s Gate 3 Trailer

Mindflayer Spaceships (Spelljammer)

Spelljamming – Mindflayers


Lair of the Mindflayer by Heroic Maps – DriveThruRPG

Mindflayer Minatures

Mindflayer and Thrall Paper Minatures – DMs Guild

Mindflayer Adventures

Call from the Deep a Tier 1 – 3 Campaign for 5e (DMS Guild)
Free Adventure – Dungeon Magazine Issue 94 – Underdark Prison Riot
Free Adventure – Dungeons Magazine 28 – Visitors from Above

Painting Videos

How to Paint Mindflayers