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How to Quickly Make a Cost Free Customised Role Playing Game Token

Having a custom token for your player character, non-player character, or big bad is a nice touch for your RPG game. In this quick-guide we explain a method to make your own free custom RPG token using easily accessible and free online tools.

Step 1 – Create miniature sculpture

Go to the Heroforge website where you can use the online character builder to make your character. The tools includes colour tools, and customer poses which are the piece-de-resistance of making a custom character. New features are added most Tuesdays to Heroforge. For inspiration on what you can create you can go and join the Heroforge Creators Guild Facebook Page.

Step 2 – Take a screen shot

Heroforge has a custom token maker but taking a screenshot (hit the PrtScn button on your keyboard) is going to be more than sufficient for most people. Save this image in the paint program of your choice e.g. Paint.Net, GIMP, or Affinity Photo.

Step 3 – Open Token Stamp 2

Token Stamp is a free web based tool that allows you to drag any image and create a token from it. You could also use images from web searches and Pintrest boards.

I find the Firefox browser works best as its the easiest to drag and drop images in to Token Stamp – even from other webpages.

Step 4 Customise to taste

One the image has been uploaded to Token Stamp you can now drag the handles to resize the image and choose from the token rings and colour schemes to customise your token.

If you want to use a custom background rather than the default Heroforge background you will need to edit (delete) it in your paint program and make it transparent (a PNG format).

Step 5 – Download token

Once you are happy – click Download and the token will be saved in your web browsers default download area for files. Find the file – rename it and you are good to go.