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The Most Interesting Unofficial 5e monsters

There are many iconic monsters in Dungeons and Dragons mindflayers, beholders, rust monster, gelatinous cube and the oddity that is the flumph. Tried and tested they bring fear, flavour and fun to your gaming table but some of the most memorable gaming experiences for both Dungeon Masters and players is to experience a monster or adversary they have not seen before.

The following monsters from third-party 5e creators are some of the best either mechanically or thermatically you can bring to your gaming table.

Ahu-Nixi (Kobold Press)

These physically weak aliens live within in mechanical battle suits fitted with chainsaws, spinning blades and ray weapons. If you are looking for a creature which could fit in a setting containing gith, githyanki, mindflayers these are an excellent choice. The artwork alone will be bring pause to your player characters and if you have access to chainsaw sounds to play at the table it really brings the Ahu-Nixi to life.

Variations of this creature can be found in the Creature Codex and Tome of Beasts 2.

Eonic Drifter (Kobold Press)

These time shifting humanoid savants provide an interesting role playing experience for Dungeon Masters to put in play. Their ability to pull reflections of themselves from the future or past provides the opportunity for a creative Dungeon Master to expand on this by bringing versions of the creature forward or backwards in time to scupper Player Character assumptions. Their interest in magical items makes them a potential competitor in the race for artefacts.

Variations of this creature can be found in Tome of Beasts and Tome of Beasts 2.

Origami Warrior (Necromancer Games)

Origami Warriors are an interesting low level foe in that they can be laid flat and sneak into a city and then released, or hidden behind paintings or rugs in a treasure room and surprise the party at the moment at which they are smug about their success.

They make an excellent side-kick, and portable horde army that isn’t comprised of zombies. The origami warrior is found in Fifth Edition Foes by Necromancer Games.




Picnic Hag (Nerdarchy)

Published by the ZZ-Tops of the Dungeons and Dragons community – Nerdarchy. The Picnic Hag brings the antagonist from the fable Hansel and Gretel to the gaming table.

This hag differs from other in that it doesn’t rely on its inherent magic instead the Picnic Hag can use the actions of the adventurer it has just swallowed. Image this hag swiging its large spoon at you an intent on using your parties Paladin’s smite ability!

This hungry hag is published in their Out of the Box Kickstarter book.

Hill Goblin Alchemist (Nord Games)

Nord Games really loves developing creatures with a little extra flavor and the Hill Goblin Alchemist is certainly fits the bill. Ladden with mind-altering potions with random effects that either hinder or hurt the party of benefits his goblin tribe this little critter can add a little random spice to your next Lost Mines of Phandelver play-through.

The Hill Goblin is hiding within Nord Games Ultimate Bestiary – Revenge of the Horde.