Friday, February 3, 2023
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Fantasy Grounds Unity Beta Significant Improvements Arrive

Smiteworks Kickstarter Project Fantasy Grounds Unity took a major leap forward this week with the developer solving most network issues and significantly improving loading times for list and resources.

In a post to Kickstarter backers Smitework advised that the root cause of problems had to do with differences in the LUA library used for Fantasy Grounds Unity which resulted in large lists of 27K or so items (not many people have lists this large) taking 5-10 minutes to load.

Technical RPG’s experience since the implemented changes is that Fantasy Grounds Unity performs at a level which makes it almost distinguishable from Fantasy Grounds Classic in actual play.

In addition to improving network speeds Fantasy Grounds Unity have implemented a first pass character builder (Character Wizard) for the 5E Dungeons and Dragons rule set. The new tool will make character building more intuitive with its drag and drop interface.

Concurrently Smiteworks announced 4 new map packs by Joshua Watmough. These tiled maps allow game masters to quickly create town, rural location, and abyssal maps. importantly these maps come with line of sight features saving game masters time in creating maps for their gaming group.