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Three Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts to listen to before you die

Not everyone has skydiving, rocket sledding or cruel cow tipping on their bucket list. Others would prefer to hear the stories of interesting people before they commence their journey to the afterlife. If that sounds like you and you want to fill your daily commute with interesting here are the podcasts to load up on.

1. Chris Perkins and Tracy Hickman on Curse of Strahd

This Official Dragon Talk episode provides the ultimate backstory to the most popular 5th edition adventure Curse of Strahd. Tracey Hickman discusses the gensis of the adventures creation and he discusses the personality and mindset behind Strahd and the true vilian a vampire is meant to represent.


Curse of Strahd on Dragontalk

2. Chris Perkins (Between the Sheets)

Christopher Perkins current 5e adventure path designer and creator at Wizards of the Coast and former Editor of Dungeon Magazine sits down with Brian W. Foster to discuss his childhood, pathway into Dungeons and Dragons, his hopes for the future of the game and what he plans to do when he eventually decides to retire.

3. Episode 30 Medieval Podcast by Web DM

This episode is locked behind a Patreon paywall but its definatley worth shelling out $5 for a month to listen to this and the other podcast episodes Web DM has.

Jim Davis (who has completed post graduate studies in medieval history – specialising in mounted horse combat) talks about how Dungeons and Dragons is not representative of the medieval world.

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