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Dungeondraft Asset Resources

So you have read our Dungeondraft review and bought the software played with it and decided that you want more assets to place in your maps. There are many assets available for Dungeondraft both free and paid for so here is a list to get you going on your map making journey.

Free Assets for Dungeondraft

This self-hosted website is usually the first port of call for those seeking additional assets for Dungeondraft. Here you will find assets for traditional fantasy landscapes, materials for buildings and assets for  including cliffs, modern, tanks, and cyberpunk settings. There isn’t a singular art style but many of the pieces blend well with paid sets.

Paid Assets for Dungeondraft

This well well established Patreon venture offers a very wide selection of assets with a fantasy focus. Budding cartographers are given thousands of asset and brushes with which they can make a huge arrange of maps. In addition the patron makes available tokens for your VTT – virtual table top choice (at Technical RPG we prefer Review: Fantasy Grounds Unity as it provide the best toolset available for game maters).

Forgotten Adventures makes all their historical assets available which is not the case for other Dungeondraft Asset creators

Tom Cartos is another well established map maker who has added asset to his Dungeondraft portfolio of products. Sporting a semi-realistic mapping style this collection pairs reasonable well with the mapping style of Forgotten adventures.

2-Minute tabletop is a more cartoon styled Dungeondraft which has a very appealing yet largely standalone art style. Updates are very regular but unlike other Patreons the Dungondraft asset library you will have access to is limited to a time period based on when you join. You can obtain older Dungeondraft assets from the dedicated 2-Minutetabletop website which is also useful if you do not with or cannot join Patreon and just want to obtain a particular asset set.

Ventatus maps is a popular Patreon source for Dungeondraft. This art-style is a very nice fusion between cartoon and realistic which an almost pastel like texture. Its very appealing but not as able to be integrated with other artstyles. A Patreon membership provides you with access to a very large and useable colleciton of Dungeondraft assets which will keep you busy and creative for weeks.

A comparatively newer Patreon site but none-the-less appealing source of Dungeondraft assets. The Mad Cartographer has a very nice ocean water set of symbols and a growing catalogue of assets that can help flesh out interesting places in towns.

The Mad Cartographer provides you with access to their Dungeondraft back catalogue so joining provides you with a lot of material to get started with.

A personal favorite that gently leans into a sometime watercolour but oddly vibrant cartoon-ish mapping style that I find instantly appealing. The variety of assets produced will allow you to create very interesting maps every time. I very much appreciate that all the assets are incorporated into very large and inspiring maps to that really provide you with a sense of what you can accomplish with both this map set and Dungeondraft in general.